Identity theft is a very real threat today. This crime costs victims more than their personal information; it also can result in lost time, money, reputation and credibility. It is very difficult to repair your credit and reputation if you have been a victim of identity theft.

Most people don’t realize that only about 20% of identity theft is financial. Identity thieves may also:

  • Use your identity to obtain medical care.  You could find your insurance cancelled or denied. Your medical records could be compromised and your health endangered.
  • Use your social security number to gain employment.  You could be held responsible for their unpaid taxes.
  • Obtain a drivers license in another state using your information. That driver could leave you to deal with a pile of tickets, or even warrants.
  • Commit a crime using your identity. People have been imprisoned when the police go looking for the perpetrator and find the identity theft victim instead.

We will help you to document the crime and work with
governmental agencies to restore your good reputation.